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Musculoskeletal Disorder Clinic

Musculoskeletal disorders are an umbrella term defining myriads of injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system of the body. It includes pathologies affecting your bones, Cartilage, muscles, tendons, and connective tissues resulting in postural instability, and Impaired movements.

Common musculoskeletal conditions:

  1. Low back pain
  2. Arthritis (Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, etc.)
  3. Frozen shoulder
  4. Shoulder impingement syndrome
  5. Elbow medial and lateral epicondylitis
  6. Muscle strains
  7. Ligament sprains
  8. Post-fracture stiffness


  1. Pain, Stiffness, Swelling, Redness, Warmth, Tenderness
  2. Decreased range of motion
  3. Tightness /contracture /Deformity


  1. Physical examination and clinical evaluation
  2. Lab tests.
  3. Radiological tests

Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorders:

  1. Experienced and specialized professionals do detailed assessments and diagnosis of your musculoskeletal disorders or the challenging conditions.
  2. Therapist-supervised programs designed to help people recover from Musculoskeletal injuries, disorders or impact of the surgeries.
  3. Professional experts help in restoring movements, motion, flexibility and strength to that part of the body which needs healing.
  4. Dietary interventionand nutraceutical supplements augment the benefits from therapy
  5. Integrated yoga therapy / rehabilitation program is provided to ensure both mental and physical wellbeing
  6. Margdarsi has state of art equipment to deal with impact of all kinds of musculoskeletal disorders. It operates in a unique ecosystem to provide the relief from the suffering.


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