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Special Friends Program

People who understand

Who are Special Friends?

A Special Friend is a compassionate and cheerful student who acts as a volunteer for the special children at Margdarsi. They help the special children by taking part in various fundraisers, organising events and becoming a bridge for them into the society.

Who are they?

A kind-hearted and upbeat youngster named A Special Friend volunteers for Margdarsi's special-needs students. By organising activities, participating in fundraisers, and acting as a bridge between the unique kids and the rest of society, they support the special kids. In layman’s language, a special friend is a volunteer who is willing to extend his/her free time to help the persons with special needs. It can be for spread of relevant information, awareness campaigns, technology information, conducting identification camps and referral of people to the nearest service centre.


Benefits of becoming a special friend

Recognitions & Social Awareness

Being a Margdarsi special friend entitles the student to avail a set of recognitions to help them present an unique mark in the society.


Each Special Friend will receive a certificate of appreciation, which they can utilise to participate in additional social cause-related endeavours.