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Making People Smile

How It All Started

At Margdarsi, we understood that more than physical disabilities and conditions, it was more important to heal a person from within. Hence, we built a complex that not only gave the patient mental peace for being in the lap of nature but also a sense of wellness. This thought became the foundation stone for starting the Margdarsi Hearing Clinic

Margdarsi's Mental Health Clinic

Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. It is all
about how people think, feel, and behave. People sometimes use the term
“mental health” to mean the absence of a mental disorder.

It also helps to determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make
choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and
adolescence through adulthood.

Our Mental Health Clinics

Parent Counselling & Family Care Clinic

Family therapists offer guidance to couples, families and groups who are dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being. 

Margdarsi's Psychotherapy Clinic

Psychotherapy deals with condition and your moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. It helps you learn how to take control of your life and respond to challenging situations with healthy coping skills.

Behavior Modification Clinic

Behavior modification is defined as "the alteration of behavioral patterns through the use of such learning techniques as biofeedback and positive or negative reinforcement." 

Stress Anxiety Depression Clinic

Society Anxiety Disorder is a chronic mental health condition in which social interactions cause irrational anxiety.

Empty Nest Syndrome Clinic

Empty nest syndrome is a feeling of grief and loneliness parents may feel when their children leave home for the first time, such as to live on their own or to attend a college or university. It is not a clinical condition.

From the Founder's Desk

Depression is described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interfere with a person’s everyday activities. It may interfere with our daily work, resulting in lost time and lower productivity. It can also influence relationships and some chronic health conditions. At Margdarsir, our prime focus has been to relieve depressive disorders which are by and large permanent and occur frequently unless taken care of medically, clinically and psychologically.

Why Margdarsi is the best fit for Mental Health Therapies?

All-Round Therapeutic Assessment.

The clinic provides Mental Health assessments for the suffering through different methods like counseling, stress management, relaxation techniques, exercises to replace negative thoughts with positive ones

One-to-One Sessions & Interactions

At Margdarsi, we believe the most important drawback for someone suffering with Mental health issues is the lack of someone to open up in front of. Hence we have started one to one and group sessions also.

Latest Technology Stack

We use Psychological First Aid which is a new technique which can be applied to reduce the initial distress caused by traumatic events and to foster short- and long-term adaptive functioning and coping.

Understanding Mental Health

Factors Responsible for Mental Health Disorders

  • Biological factors, such as genes or brain chemistry

  • Life experiences, such as trauma or abuse

  • Family history of mental health problems

Early Warning Signs of Mental Health Problems

  • Eating or sleeping too much or too little

  • Pulling away from people and usual activities

  • Having low or no energy

  • Feeling numb or like nothing matters

  • Having unexplained aches and pains

  • Feeling helpless or hopeless

  • Smoking, drinking, or using drugs more than usual

  • Feeling unusually confused, forgetful, on edge, angry, upset, worried, or scared

  • Experiencing severe mood swings that cause problems in relationships

How to maintain good Mental Health?

  • Positive mental health allows people to:

  • Realize their full potential

  • Cope with the stresses of life

  • Work productively

  • Make meaningful contributions to their communities

Ways to maintain positive mental health

  • Getting professional help if you need it

  • Connecting with others

  • Staying positive

  • Getting physically active

  • Helping others

  • Getting enough sleep

  • Developing coping skills

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