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Articulation Clinic


Errors in speech sound by mispronouncing, substituting or missing out the sound, is known as an Articulation disorder. At an early age, most of a child's speech is not well understood, and by about age eight, children should be able to say all sounds correctly. Mistakes are likely to present before that age as the child learns the sounds. But if a child mistakes in producing sounds persist after that age, a speech sound disorder may be present.


  1. Failing to correctly pronounce letters and words at the right age
  2. Having trouble saying words
  3. Having errors like:
    1. Omission of sounds e.g. for the word 'car' they will say 'ca'.
    2. Substitution of sounds e.g. for the word 'car' they will say 'cat'.
    3. Addition of sounds i.e. for "black" they will say "buhlack"

The following are the conditions that cause misarticulations (wrong pronunciation):

  1. Hearing impairment
  2. Intellectual disability (Mental retardation)
  3. Structural abnormalities, such as tongue ties (where the tongue's tip is affixed to the mouth's roof).
  4. Missing teeth
  5. Cleft lip and palate
  6. Motor and neurological causes
  7. Cerebral palsy
  8. Apraxia of speech
  9. Dysarthria


  1. Conduct a formal test to check the child's ability to say all sounds in different contexts.
  2. Test your language proficiency as well to gauge your communication skills overall.
  3. Examine the coordination and strength of your speaking muscles to rule out any muscular weakness as the source of your pronunciation issues.
  4. Conduct a screening hearing test if that has not been done recently.

Margdarsi's Approachfor Treatment of articulation disorders

  1. Speech Language apathologists provide relief using most suitable therapeutic methods like Sensory Perceptual training, Paired Stimuli approach for the intervention of error sounds.
  2. Instruct and counsel parents about the home training program.

At Margdarsi we have separate facilities for children and adults. Our focused professionals are always ready to adapt and change according to a client's needs. We have a transparent process of rehabilitation that involves a client and his/her parent or caregiver as the centerpiece of the rehabilitation process. Nothing is ever hidden from them. With Margdarsi what you see is what you get.


The prognosis of the articulation disorder depends on:

  1. Child's age
  2. 2. Any structural issues with the mouth (cleft lip and palate, missing teeth, tongue knot, etc.)
  3. Speech and language development.
  4. Environmental factors like Language stimulation, Socioeconomic status, pronunciation of parents and caretakers


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