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Voice Clinic

Any changes in the voice that could be heard differently from the normal is a voice disorder. The voice quality, pitch, and loudness became unsuitable for an individual's age or gender. It can be caused by simple activities such as yelling or making loud play sounds, throat clearing, and excessive coughing. Some neurological problems or hormonal problems can also make the voice be heard differently.


  1. The voice has become hoarse or raspy.
  2. Your singing has lost some of its high notes.
  3. The voice suddenly sounds deeper.
  4. You frequently have a sore, sore, or tight throat.
  5. It takes an effort to talk.
  6. Strained/ rough voice.
  7. Weak voice.
  8. Discomfort with speaking.
  9. Severe sore throat.
  10. Severe and persistent cough.
  11. Frequent throat clearing.
  12. Sensation of something in the throat.
  13. Vocal exhaustion.
  14. Voice breaks.
  15. Loss of singing range/quality.
  16. Difficulty with breath control/shortness of breath during the speech, singing, or exercise.

Conditions causing Voice Disorders:

  1. Vocal fold paralysis
  2. Vocal fold cysts
  3. Vocal ulcers
  4. Laryngeal web
  5. Vocal cord nodule
  6. Vocal polyp
  7. Muscle tension dysphonia
  8. Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR)
  9. Spasmodic Dysphonia
  10. Laryngeal cancer
  11. Puberphonia
  12. Hyperventilation syndrome
  13. Laryngeal Clefts
  14. Dysarthria


The first and most crucial stage in healing or therapy is making the proper diagnosis. A precise diagnosis of the voice ailment may be made by Margdarsi thanks to their highly skilled personnel and state-of-the-art equipment.

  1. All subjective assessment scales such as GRBAS, CAPE-V, VHI, and BUFFALO III VOICE PROFILE are available here.
  2. Instruments such as endoscopy, and indirect laryngoscopy help to visually inspect the structure and function of the larynx.
  3. Dr. Speech objectively evaluates the quality of voice.


  1. Voice therapy / Rehabilitation
  2. Guidance and Counselling about voice management and vocal hygiene
  3. Prophylactic care

Margdarsi's Approach:

The most prevalent underlying cause of vocal abnormalities is what voice treatment is intended to correct. Alongside other forms of therapy, it typically works. By using the right voice practices, it might assist in getting rid of bad vocal habits. As one of the top centers for voice therapy, Margdarsi offers:

  1. Have all the modern equipment (Dr.speech and PRAAT) for the intervention process.
  2. Have specialists that are highly skilled and experienced assist you during the recovery process.
  3. Have separate rehabilitation facilities for adults and children.
  4. Pay close attention to the needs of the patients and the care givers.
  5. One-to-one therapeutic approach, as the treatment they need, will depend on the problems they have.
  6. Focus on professional; voice user's voice management program and vocal hygiene program.
  7. Provide complete support in curing their voice and voice-related issues, not just bringing them to a near-to-normal level.
  8. Conduct follows up programs to monitor their progress after termination.
  9. Margdarsi believes in early prevention before a severe voice issue emerges since we believe that prevention is better than cure.
  10. The therapy for Voice disorder includes Voice therapy, Psychological therapy, and Bio-medical intervention helps to relieve the symptoms quicker.


The prognosis of voice disorders depends on the following factors:
  1. Underlying cause of the disorder.
  2. Patient's awareness and knowledge about the problem.
  3. Patient's motivation and cooperation.
  4. Sincerity in following the vocal hygiene program.


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