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Parkinson's Clinic

Parkinson's Clinic

Understanding Parkinson's:

Parkinson's disease is a disorder which gets worse over time as it affects the parts of the body and nervous system (Controls everything in our body including breathing, walking, thinking, and feeling). The symptoms progressively become visible. Early symptoms of Parkinson's disease include slowness of movement, little to no facial expression, and arms that don't swing when walking. As the situation worsens over time due to this sickness The greatest Parkinson's disease treatment in India is provided at Margdarsi by qualified medical staff.

Parkinson's Disease Staging

With time, the symptoms will become more severe. A doctor may describe the development in terms of phases.

  •  A person will experience minor changes in posture, movement, and facial expression in stage 1. The majority of daily tasks will be possible for them.

  •  Tremors become more pronounced and affect both sides of the body in stage 2. Daily duties might become more difficult.

  •  n stage 3, balance and coordination issues may be present. Falls could occur more frequently, and getting dressed might be a challenge.

  •  The individual could require full-time care in stage 4. They could find it challenging to walk without assistance.

  •  The person's mobility will be significantly decreased in stage 5. As a side effect of some Parkinson's disease treatments, they could also experience disorientation and hallucinations.


Symptoms of Parkinson's

The symptoms of Parkinson's disease can reduced facial expression, rhythmic shaking of limbs ( Hands and fingers ), Slow movement, Muscle Stiffness, impaired coordination increasing the chance of fall, Loss of blinking of eyes, smiling, swinging hands while walking, Difficulty in speech, Difficulty in writing etc. Dyskinesia, rest tremor, muscular rigidity, and gait disorder are the main motor symptoms, while constipation, depression, hyposmia, and somnipathy are the main non-motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson's

Diagnosis of Parkinson's

Diagnosis of Parkinson's disease is done by a Neurologist. He may use Physical and Neurological Examination with radiological tests like PET Scan, SPECT scan, DAT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound etc to know the Parkinsons Disease Treatment.


Parkinsons Treatment at Margdarsi

  •  Neuro-Rehab approach includes Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), Neuro developmental technique (NDT), Rood's approach, Motor relearning program (MRP), Vojta approach, movement therapies, postural therapies etc is the Best Treatment for Parkinson's Disease at Margdarsi.

  •  The combination of various functional therapies like Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Psychotherapy, use of mobility aids and appliances.

  •  Biomedical intervention plays an important role in the treatment program that helps augment the functional skills.

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