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Learning Disability Clinic

Learning Disability  Clinic

Learning disorders can be of various types

  •  Dyslexia : This specific learning disability affects reading and related language-based processing skills.Genetic conditions like Down syndrome, phenylketonuria, or fragile X syndrome.

  •  Dysgraphia : This learning disability affects a childs handwriting ability and fine motor skills.

  •  Dyscalculia : This specific learning disability affects a childs ability to understand numbers, calculations and learn mathematics.

  •  Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities : May have poor coordination and difficulty reading nonverbal clues like facial expressions or body language.

  •  Specific oral Reading and Comprehension Disorder : Learning disabilities that affect an individuals understanding of what they read or of spoken language. A person's capacity for verbal expression may also be affected.

  •  ADHD : Hyperactivity, inability to control behaviour, trouble focusing and paying attention are all symptoms of ADHD.

  •  Dyspraxia : A disorder which causes problems with movement and coordination of speech organs affecting their language level and speech competancy.

  •  Executive Functioning or Dysgnosia : This is also known as Dysgnosia. It has an impact on time and space management, planning, organisation, and strategy.

  •  Dyspraxia : A disorder which causes problems with movement and coordination of speech organs affecting their language level and speech competancy.

The children with Learning disabilities may have Auditory processing disorders, Visual processing disorders/ Cognitive blindness, Language Processing disorders, Motor integration disorders, Sensory integration disorders and various comorbid conditions like focal or generalized seizures.

Children with Learning Disability might show these symptoms

  •  Difficulty understanding and following simple instructions.

  •  Trouble with remembering what someone just said.

  •  Fails to understand what he reads.

  •  Delayed speech development.

  •  Struggles to express ideas in writing.

  •  Transposes math symbols and numbers.

  •  Difficulty understanding age-appropriate jokes and sarcasm.

  •  Very messy handwriting and significant difficulty in spelling.

  •  Difficulty grasping social conventions.

  •  Lacks coordination in walking and sports.

  •  Difficulty in small tasks as cut shapes or hold a pencil.

  •  Frequently loses or misplaces personal items.

  •  Trouble comprehending concept of time.

Margdarsi Treatment of Learning Disorders/ Disabilities

  •  Early intervention can reduce the impact& can develop skills to cope up with challenges of Specific Learning Disabilities.

  •  There are no prescription medicines to cure learning disability.

  •  The children affected by Specific learning disability can be managed effectively by proper rehabilitation.

  •  A professional team consisting of clinical psychologists, special educators, and audiologist and speech-language pathologists have to work with the specific disorders of the child to provide relief.

  •  The Model Centre of Children with Special Needs (MCCWSN) is a dedicated facility of Margdarsi to find a solution for all the Childhood disorders that cause disability. The team of professional experts help to build on the childs strengths and find ways to compensate for the weaknesses.

Depending on the kind and severity of the disorders/disabilities, our therapies change. For the best outcomes, we provide them the least restricted environment possible. This indicates that the learning environment minimises obstacles to common learning experiences while meeting a child's requirements and abilities.


Multi-Modal Therapy

  •  Special Education.

  •  Behavioural, Social Integration, Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy.

  •  Audiological Rehabilitation and Biomedical Intervention.

  •  Recreational Therapy: Art, Craft, Dance, Music.

  •  Difficulty understanding and following simple instructions.

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