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Hearing Conservation Clinic


The hearing conservation programme mandates that employers keep track of noise exposure levels in a method that reliably identifies workers who have been subjected to noise at or over 85 decibels (dB) over the course of eight working hours, or an eight-hour time-weighted average (TWA).


A Hearing Conservation Programme (HCP) is designed to prevent or slow the course of noise-induced hearing loss. A sound level metre (SLM) or a dosimeter is used for this phase of the Hearing Conservation Programme.

Who needs to be in hearing conservation program?

A hearing conservation programme is necessary, per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), "whenever employee noise exposures equal or exceed an 8-hour time-weighted average sound level (TWA) of A dose of 50% is equal to 85 decibels assessed on the A scale (slow response).


  • Track the level of noise at your workplace. The programme you receive will depend on how much noise your workplace generates.
  • Controlled sound.
  • Make use of hearing protection.
  • Plan an audiometric evaluation.
  • Analyse your plan.
  • Deliver instruction and training.
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