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Family Clinic


A family clinic is set up to address issues that stem from close family ties. The family clinic often handles more specific family issues, such as resolving marital and family disputes, parents who are experiencing mental health issues, loneliness, despair, and conflict resolution.

Common causes:

  1. Various personalities fighting and conflicts about methods of operation.
  2. Jealousy or fighting between brothers and sisters.
  3. Parents arguing.
  4. Divorce or separation.
  5. New step-parents or step- brothers and sisters.
  6. A parent or relative who suffers from a disability or mental disease.
  7. A parent or family member who uses drugs or alcohol excessively.
  8. Stress brought on by financial, housing, or work issues.
  9. Domestic violence.
  10. Cultural or generation differences.
  11. The effect of bereavement.
  12. Abuse or neglect.


  1. Physical examination
  2. Psychological evaluation
  3. Cognitive Behavioral evaluation


  1. Talk- therapy is provided to people suffering from mental health problems, loneliness, and stress.
  2. Counseling for adjustment problems, divorce or separation cases, etc.
  3. Children having anger, anxiousness and depression issues needs to be taken utmost care and must be given much love and counseling to deal with the problems.

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