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Cerebral Stroke Clinic

What is Cerebral Stroke:

Cerebral Stroke is caused by a decrease in blood flow to the brain, also known as brain stroke/ischemic stroke/brain assault. The brain cannot get the nutrition and oxygen it needs, which causes brain cells to start dying within minutes. Brain damage is caused by cerebral stroke.

Symptoms of Stroke:

  • Speaking difficulties: - Slurred speech or difficulty speaking - Perplexity or trouble comprehending what others are saying.
  • Paralysis: - A sudden numbness, weakness, or paralysis of the face, arm, or leg. - A side of the body, or both sides, might become paralysed.- When trying to grin, the lips begins to flex. Possibly drooling.
  • Headache: - sudden, intense headache can cause a person to vomit, feel dizzy, and experience delusions.
  • Problems with walking and working: - - The person will no longer be able to walk correctly and on their own. - It becomes difficult to use the muscles and limbs for routine tasks.

Medical Diagnosis:

  • The person will no longer be able to walk correctly and on their own. - It becomes difficult to use the muscles and limbs for routine tasks.
  • Pathological Lab tests.
  • Radiological tests like CT scan, MRI.
  • Examination by Physical therapist.
  • Psychological examination.

Recovery from stroke:

Cerebral Stroke patients survival factors depends upon:
  • Person's Age
  • General Health condition
  • Comorbid diseases and disorders
  • Severity of stroke
  • Early intervention is the key to success of medical rehabilitation
  • Family support

Cerebral Stroke Treatment:

Best cerebral stroke treatment patients is possible by a team of Medical Rehabilitation professional experts with domain specific expertise. Appropriate techniques of Neuro-Rehab include:

  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation(PNF).
  • Neuro Developmental Technique(NDT).
  • Vojta Therapy, Rood's Approach, and the Motor Relearning Programme (MRP).
  • Speech-Language Therapy.
  • Psychotherapy and counselling.
  • Occupational therapy and ADL training.
  • Multi-modal method for functional skill restoration: a variety of functional treatments administered in the proper dosages, as well as orthoses, prostheses, mobility aids, smart gadgets, nutritional supplements, and social and familial support systems.
  • To ensure that patients don't experience any difficulties while receiving treatment, Margdarsi offers the appropriate environment for rehabilitation on its campus, including both OPD services and a nursery.
  • As an addition to the therapy for cerebral stroke, Margdarsi uses biomedical intervention. The best medical rehabilitation for a brain stroke is possible with both external therapeutic inputs and additional assistance for internal healing.


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