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Autism Clinic

Autism  Clinic

Understanding Autism:

Autism is not a birth defect. Children, who might be normal at birth, begin showing signs that are bizarre by the second year. They regress into a world of their own. Typically, Autism affected child gets busy in self talking, self-playing, and self-stimulating activities. The child may show intolerance to sound, touch, or be non-responsive to sound, smell, taste. Speech may be absent or may develop that is not socially appropriate. Intelligence may be normal, below normal or have exceptional talent in limited areas, called Savant syndrome.

Though, many parents mistakenly believe that the excessive attachment to gadgets, solitary play and absence of social skills etc is because the child was not given enough attention, Autism is not caused by bad parenting. Autism is not a behavioral disorder that can be modified. Some researchers focus on genetic inheritance. But neither genetics nor upbringing is responsible for Autism.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

More than 3% of new born are likely to develop the Neuro-developmental disorder like Autism. The Autistic behaviors are not consistent all the time. All the children who are affected by Autism don't show the same behavioral patterns or similar features. Hence, Autism is called a spectrum disorder or ASD. Yet, only behavioral tests are used to diagnose Autism. There is no pathology or radiology tests to diagnose Autism as there are no biomarkers linked to Autism. So, the diagnosis is often delayed causing irreparable damage to the child.


Some Behaviors of ASD Affected Children

  •  Doesn't react to the name calling (the child may appear deaf).

  •  Not point at objects or things of interest, or demonstrate an interest.

  •  Avoids eye contact with others, even with family or familiar people.

  •  Prefers to be alone and engages in solitary play.

  •  Has difficulty in recognising sentiments of other people.

  •  Might have no speech, delayed speech or inappropriate use of speech like giving unrelated answers to the questions, may reverse pronouns (e.g., says "you" instead of "I"), repeats words or phrases over and over (echolalia). Might use gestures if speech is not developed.

  •  Gets disappointed by minor changes in routine.

  •  Have obsessive interests in limited activities or objects.

  •  Flapping hands, rocking the body, spinning in circles or such self-stimulating activities.

  •  May not show safety or danger awareness.

  •  Have over or under-sensitivity to the way things sound, smell, taste, look and feel.

  •  Might have eating issues, limited interest in food, may have frequent episodes of constipation, diarrhea with undigested food.

  •  Might have sleep disturbances.

Expected Outcome

It's not easy for the child with Autism to fit into mainstream schools without the required treatment. The disorder, if not treated early could cause lifetime disability in the affected children. As the cause of Autism is yet not known, prevention of the disorder is not yet possible but cases of Mild Autism is Curable. However, the children can overcome the problem of Autism if early intervention with intensive therapeutic care is provided. Normal or near normal functional skills can develop paving the way for integration in mainstream schools that would help them to lead normal life.

Unique Autism Therapy Center at Margdarsi

There is no proven medical evidence of Autism can be Treated. No medicines and no surgeries is currently available but Mild Autism is curable. The comorbid conditions require special attention in specific cases. Margdarsi a unique Autism Therapy Center, uses institution based interventions that are tailor made to cater to each child with Autism making it the Best Autism Treatment Centers in India.

Research and innovation based intervention system: Intervention is done by a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to treating Autism spectrum disorder at Autism Therapy Center. Margdarsi has professionals with unique level of skills, professionalism, and unmatched competency to achieve targets. Range of diagnostic assessments are performed by professional experts for studying the neuro-physiology, sensory integrity and acuity, functional skills and cognitive skills. As the target is to restore age appropriate functional skills in communication, socialization for mainstream integration, the punch line is "Nonverbal to Normal school".

Margdarsi Ecosystem of Rehabilitation

  •  Vernacular architecture and sustainable ecology of the campus makes it the Best Autism Treatment Centers in India.

  •  Home pickup and drop service for the children by experienced staff in dedicated vehicles of the organization.

  •  Complete care giving like feeding freshly cooked food, grooming and toilet training at the centre by committed staff members.

  •  Dedicated time for individual Parent counseling for managing the child at public places and at home.

  •  Entire center is under CCTV surveillance and the child is monitored throughout the intervention period.

  •  Multilingual professional experts are available to deal with patients in English, Hindi, Odia, Bengali and other Indian languages.

  •  All children are provided one to one therapy.

  •  Home stay support for the families that come from outside Bhubaneswar.


Multi-Modal Therapy

  •  The Neuro-diverse Children with Autism is provided with appropriate doses of various kinds of therapy, as early as possible for best results. Need assessment is done at regular intervals and interventions are planned to cater to individual child's requirement, so that Autism can be treated.

  •  A combination of mainstream functional therapies includes Speech -Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behaviour Modification, Special Education, Care giving for functional independence.

  •  The Recreational therapies include Postural therapy, Hydrotherapy, Art-Craft-Play and social integration. The biomedical intervention includes detoxification, therapeutic diet and supplements.

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