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Audio logical Rehabilitation Clinic


The process of regaining someone's health or way of life through training and therapy is known as rehabilitation. Hearing rehabilitation is a series of practices aimed at restoring a person's capacity to participate in activities that have been hampered by hearing loss. Hearing loss and tinnitus are two disorders that limit our ability to participate in social activities. Sometimes we need to focus on the fundamental cause of the problem, while other times we need to focus on the problem's effect.

There are several technologies that can amplify and convey incoming acoustic waves to the individual's ears.

Hearing Aid:

A hearing aid is a device that helps people with hearing loss hear better by making sounds audible to them. A microphone, an amplifier, and a receiver are the three main components of any hearing aid. The microphone picks up environmental sounds, the amplifier amplifies them, and the receiver sends them to the human ear. We have both analogue and digital hearing aids in Margdarsi.

  • Hearing Aids in Analogue Form-
  • Analogue hearing aids increase the volume of continuous sound waves. These hearing aids enhance all sounds (including speech and noise) in the same way.

  • Hearing Aids in Digital form-
  • A digital hearing aid is a device that converts sound waves into a digital signal using a computer chip. It may be programmed, allowing the processed sounds to be tailored to each person's preferences. It produces clearer sound in busy environments, making soft speech intelligible while keeping loud speech pleasant.

    On the basis of their designs, hearing aids can be categorized into a number of different sorts:

    1. Body Level:
    2. AA form of hearing aid that consists of a rectangular casing worn on the body and is connected to earmolds through wires. Body-level hearing aids are often reserved for people who have severe hearing loss.

    3. Behind the ear:
    4. The majority of the components are housed in a small plastic case that sits behind the ear; the case is linked to an earmold or an earpiece by a piece of clear tubing.

    5. Hearing aids that are in-the-canal (ITC) or fully in-the-canal (CIC):
    6. These devices are enclosed in small casings that can be inserted partially or completely into the ear canal.

    Programming and services:

    Each person has varying degrees and types of hearing loss. As a result, the volume and sound output settings will be tailored to each individual's requirements. A qualified and educated audiologist recognizes the significance of tailoring hearing aids to the individual user. The hearing aid will be programmed here so that you may comfortably hear clear and distortion-free sounds with the hearing aid.

    Cochlear Implants: A cochlear implant is a small, complicated electronic device that can enable a person who has severe-profound hearing loss or is deaf provide a sensation of sound. The implant is made up of two parts: one that sits behind the ear and one that is surgically inserted beneath the skin. Children and adults with hearing loss who are not benefiting from conventional hearing aids might explore a cochlear implant as a treatment option.

    MANAGEMENT FOR TINNITUS: Tinnitus maskers and tinnitus retraining therapy are used to alleviate the negative effects of tinnitus. A therapist would utilize cognitive behavioral therapy to treat depression and anxiety caused by tinnitus.

    Tinnitus with hearing loss: Tinnitus maskers are hearing aids that can lessen tinnitus symptoms while also amplifying the incoming sound signal.


    To determine the harmful effect of noise on the hearing mechanism, a baseline audiogram and frequent hearing tests are required. We provide amplification devices, such as hearing aids, to assist individuals in hearing the sounds around them. In addition, we offer Ear Protection Devices (EPDs) to prevent hearing loss caused by noise exposure.

    There are three sorts of EPDs available here:

    1. Insert earplugs into the ear canal. Pre-molded (preformed), moldable, rolldown foam, push-to-fit, or custom molded are all options. There are disposable, reusable, and bespoke earplugs available.
    2. Semi-insert earplugs, which comprise of two earplugs held in place by a rigid headband over the ends of the ear canal.
    3. Earmuffs are made of sound-absorbing material, soft ear cushions that wrap around the ear, and firm outer cups. A head band holds them together.


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