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Anxiety Clinic

Understanding Anxiety:

Anxiety is the mind and body's reaction. It responds to pressure, danger, or strange situations. Before any occurrence, a person experiences unease and distress. The person occasionally has bodily changes, such as high blood pressure.


  1. Panic, fear, uneasiness
  2. Sleep problems.
  3. Cold, sweaty, numb or tingling hands or feet.
  4. Breathing problems.
  5. Increased heartbeat.
  6. Dry mouth.
  7. Dizziness.
  8. Thinking about a problem over and over again.
  9. Inability to concentrate
  10. Overeating/ Loss of appetite
  11. Feeling weak or tired


  1. Psychological evaluation.
  2. Lab tests.
  3. Psychiatristsexamination.

Treatment of Anxiety:

  1. In Margdarsi, a mental health professional talks with the patient about the condition and related issues and does further treatment with the process of Psychotherapy which is the Best Treatment of Anxiety. The goal of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Lifestyle Therapy is to help patients learn coping mechanisms that would reduce their symptoms and allow them to gradually resume the activities they had put off due to worry.
  2. In Margdarsi, day care Therapies for Anxiety treatment programs help people for getting rid of anxiety. These kinds of programmes offer the outpatient assistance and counselling need to manage symptoms.
  3. Margdarsi also includes Biomedical intervention in Therapies for Anxiety Disorders.

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