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ADHD Clinic

ADHD Clinic

Understanding ADHD:

A typical neuro-developmental disorder of childhood is ADHD. Despite being diagnosed in youth, some cases last until adulthood. Children with ADHD may struggle with managing impulsive behaviour (may act without considering the consequences), paying attention, or being restless or violent (may damage others).Executive dysfunction and emotional dysregulation, which are connected to a number of brain-damaging illnesses, are the root causes of ADHD symptoms.

Children with ADHD exhibit extreme levels of impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattention that are all-pervasive, problematic in a variety of settings, and generally out-of-character for their age. A number of neurodevelopmental illnesses, including Autism, Specific Learning Disability, various mental disorders, as well as other non-psychiatric problems, have been linked to ADHD. While people with ADHD have trouble staying focused; they might also take longer on some activities due to their hyper focus.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

  •  Unrest or excessive activity.

  •  Impulsiveness and Quick change of interests.

  •  Low tolerance for frustration.

  •  Disorganization difficulties in solving issues.

  •  Poor time management abilities.

  •  Prioritising and Focusing difficulties.

  •  Bad planning and Inability to multitask.


Diagnosis of ADHD

There is no definite test of ADHD. In order to diagnose ADHD, the behaviour is often evaluated using checklists for attention deficiencies and an intolerable degree of hyperactivity. In addition to seizures; they may also have learning disabilities, autism, intellectual disabilities, and other concomitant problems. Mental health specialists, rehab specialists, and medical professionals must all participate in the full assessment.


Margdarsi's comprehensive Treatments for ADHD Adults and Children

Margdarsi treats ADHD with novel techniques designed to restore functional abilities that are appropriate for the patient's age.

  •  We treat ADHD without the use of drugs by modifying the environment.

  •  Behaviour, self-control, and self-esteem in children are all enhanced through behavioural therapy.

  •  Enhancing focus and reducing hyperactivity are goals of occupational therapy.

  •  Speech-language therapy is used to improve communication abilities or treat abnormalities of the voice and speech.

  •  Special education to improve writing and reading abilities.

  •  Counselling for parents can help them build stronger parent-child bonds and curb other problematic tendencies at home and in public.

  •  The treatment of ADHD in adults and children with biomedical intervention involves detoxification, therapeutic diet, and neutraceutical supplements.

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