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CAPD Clinic

Central Hearing and understanding speech are both impacted by auditory processing impairment. This is due to a partial lack of brain-ear coordination. Speech recognition and interpretation are interfered with by several factors. The issue gets worse even in the presence of background noise.


Clinical tests and checklists are available to help identify someone with CAPD. General warning signs and symptoms might be:
  1. Difficulty localizing sound.
  2. Difficulty comprehending and following rapid speech.
  3. Loud or unexpected noises may easily cause the youngster to get distracted or upset.
  4. The inability to interpret spoken language in loud environments.
  5. Delaying responses while communicating verbally.
  6. Poor academic performance
  7. A lot of spelling errors
  8. Difficulties in following commands or complex auditory directions.
  9. Difficulty paying attention.

Diagnostic Approach

To identify Central Auditory Processing Disorders, a Comprehensive Audiological Assessment is performed.

Treatment of CAPD:

Every client with CAPD requires a distinct approach to rehabilitation, thus we create a personalized Programme just for them. The rehabilitative strategy might include:

  1. A Hearing aid
  2. An FM hearing aid
  3. Communicative strategies
  4. Speech reading
  5. Environmental modification
  6. Assistive listening devices

Margadrsi's approach

  1. CAPD has a lot of signs and symptoms which resemble other conditions. Margadrsi's method therefore entails a thorough evaluation that distinguishes CAPD from other illnesses that are comparable. Following the first evaluation, the rehabilitation procedure starts.
  2. We follow the total rehabilitation of an individual and hence improves the quality of life of an individual. We have regular follow-ups with the patient and help them to adjust to this new and improved listening skill.
  3. Many experienced professionals working as a team for the process of CAPD rehabilitation.
  4. Parent are important role players in rehabilitation and we work with them hand in hand.
  5. Recognized as Govt. Referral hospital (By Govt. of Odisha) for hearing problems.


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