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Women Health Clinic

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Margdarsi’s women’s health clinic caters to and provides treatment for all diseases affecting the pelvis and pelvic floor.

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Prof. Satyanarayan Mahapatra

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Antenatal Care

This care is basically provided by our professional after screening of the pregnant woman for early identification of any condition and treatment, enhance relaxation, prepare for the natal and postnatal program, and provide education on personal hygiene.


Points covered during sessions:

  • Backcare during pregnancy

  • Breathing exercises

  • Discussion on stages of labor, signs of labor, types of deliveries, pain coping strategies during labor, postnatal bag, breastfeeding techniques, positions, breast care and hygiene

  • Core stabilization exercises

  • Squat

  • Pelvic tilts

  • Stretching exercises

  • Relaxation techniques during pregnancy

  • Antenatal massage

  • Exercises based on discomforts faced at a particular time

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Other Benefits:

Multi-modal Therapeutics

Parent's training for home based management of Autism

Social Integration at Aditi Integrated School

Empowering the professionals and capacity building of the service organizations

Liaison with Government for policy, planning and facility development

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Expert Therapists

Margdarsi's Approach

What is our Approach to Women Health Care Clinic
  • Here the session starts with a detailed assessment and diagnosis followed by a multimodal approach of treatment for the betterment of the patient.

  • Sessions are individualized or in groups

  • Best in class equipment

  • Evidence-based approach

  • Critical thinking with a patient-centric approach

About Women Health Clinic

General Trivia

The pelvic floor is a complex structure that supports the pelvic organs, forms the birth canal and passage for waste product. Pelvic floor muscles play a vital role in various activities like bowel movements, childbirth etc.

Problems with pelvic floor muscles occur when they become too weak or too tight. But there are exercises which strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and reverse the symptoms in 80% of women.

Pelvic girdle pain and stress urinary incontinence are common among pregnant women. These symptoms usually occur due to hormonal changes and the increasing weight of the baby and uterus.

Benefits of Therapy in Margdarsi’s Antenatal Care:
  • Promoting optimal fitness through exercises

  • Preparing for the labor

  • Cope up with pain during pregnancy, delivery and post-pregnancy

  • Ergonomic education in lying, rolling, sitting, standing and walking postures, seat belt application techniques

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle and teaching relaxation techniques

  • To gain confidence in their bodies, to trust their natural abilities to give birth


The therapist at Margdarsi will help you with:


  • Exercises and relaxation program

  • Restoration of muscle strength and tone

  • Treatment of musculoskeletal problems

  • Advice on toileting and positional modifications

  • Treatment of low back, hip or pelvic pain

  • Breast care for breast engorgement, mastitis, cracked nipples and tenderness

  • Overcome with postpartum depression

Postnatal Care

The immediate weeks after the birth of the baby is an important time for the body of the mother. The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy and continues to change postnatally. 

Childbirth can result in pelvic floor trauma, perineal tears and pudendal nerve injury (the nerve which supplies bladder and pelvic floor).

Postnatal care is given to the mother and to the newborn immediately after the birth and for the first six weeks after pregnancy

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