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Professional Services

Our Professional Services


Hydrotherapy Is for children who have musculoskeletal disorder, muscle integration or motor integration disorders, especially who have problems like cerebral palsy or Autism or even some congenital malfunctions or intellectual disability, they would benefit from Hydrotherapy where because of the water passive resistance will be minimised and the manipulation or manual therapeutic effect will be good. So, Margdarsi has Hydrotherapy facility for children, where they can have the fun of playing in water while the therapist have a chance to utilise their manual therapy techniques for improving motor skills, motor coordination, motor integration that is achieved.


Dance and Movement Therapy

Dance as a therapy medium, it is utilised in many places. This improves the gross motor coordination and fine motor coordination while Margdarsi uses dance for movement as well as strength. So, it uses Dance and Movement therapy in a certain blend that while the children swing or move to musicin the form of Dance. The therapist utilise the opportunity to improve the muscle strength, endurance, tolerance and motor coordination. So, children who have been affected by brain damage or something kind of paresis or paralysis or motor dysfunctions, motor integration issues, they are benefitted from our therapy blend of movement and graceful dance.

Art Therapy

Art is an interesting recreational therapy, the creative expression of children using colour, patterns and different materials to express themselves helps to deal with the non-verbal children and children who intellectual sub normality or kind of disability or children with any kind of sensory issues, motor issues or cognitive issues as such art is an expression that every child would love to express. As a therapy medium, Art improves fine motor coordination, eye- hand coordination and cognitive skill development


Speech Therapy

Margdarsi has unmatched capacity to deal with all kind of speech defects. From minimal issues of articulation where the children has phonological disorders or they develop fluency disorders like stuttering, stammering or flattering, they may have subsequently voice disorders or congenital issues of voice and articulation problems like Rhinophonia or Rhinolalia and children who have any accent issues even a normal child who tries to acquire a different language issues and any such issues that make the speech inappropriate or inadequate in syntactic level or semantic level or fragmantic level, the Margdarsi experts of Speech and Language therapy are capable of rectifying the errors or disorders and give the complete solution or complete therapy that they become as appropriate in their use of their linguistic skills and they become free from all the issues that make them a person with disorder or disability or inadequacy in any way in their communication skills

Occupational Therapy

Children who have neuro developmental disorders can have problems with the sensory integration, motor integration, cognitive issues and vestibular imbalances or Moto kinaesthetic issues. The children have to be provided with variety of therapies under Occupational Therapy. A range of sensory issues like Vision, Hearing, Taste or Balance or Movement or a kinaesthetic or vestibular, all those things have to be worked upon with improvement in motor skills, sensory skills, working on the hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity whether its integration issues. So professional experts in Occupational therapy, they do the profiling of the sensory ability and workout the areas where inputs where required and under qualified experts intervention is provided, so that the children can overcome their sensory overloads and sensory integration issues and capable of handling day-to-day activities on their own.

They are provided ADL training and they become independent in day-to-day life. The functional independence in day-to-day matter is important therapeutic goal for most of the children who are in the Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, children even with inadequate speech and language development might need the occupational therapy. People with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or those with even specific learning disability, occupational therapy works in a big way, relieving children with disability.


Yoga Therapy/ Yogic Rehabilitation

It is used by Margdarsi with qualified experts in Yoga. Yogic postures which are understood as the Asana, they have therapeutic benefits working towards inhabitation of reflexes/ motor reflexes or improvement of the other functional skills. Qualified experts are required to deal with Yogic postures for therapeutic benefits of the children who are affected by various neuro developmental disorders. Further, Yogic breathing or deep breathing techniques are also utilised to improve the respiratory function and work towards improving the immunity, children falling sick due to respiratory tract infection . Yogic Rehabilitation has been an important component of comprehensive rehabilitation where children develop stability, improve their attention, improve their kind of hyperactivity behaviour is minimised; their learning skills are positively influenced by the Yogic Rehabilitation.


Social Integration Therapy

Children who are effected by various neuro development disorder like, Autism Spectrum Disorder, including asparagus syndrome have social issues that apart children who are having intellectual disability or those who have specific learning disability those who are affected by hyper activities and attention deficient may be aggressive harm full to others may have self-injurious behaviour or injurious behaviours to others find it difficult to have friends in any social any social or educational setup. So, children at Margdarsi are exposed in controlledmanner integration through peer play or peer activities or learning pre academic skills. So children who have the issue of understanding social dynamic are provided opportunity to learn participatory play or participatory learning. They are indulged in kindergarten activities and exposed to learning pre-academic skill in 3 languages i.e., Odia, Hindi and English.


Many children may they have musculoskeletal disorder as a congenitalmalfunction or they may have a comorbid condition where they not able to use their gross muscles and appropriate manner for whether for locomotion that is working in or for daily activities including taking care of themselves. So Physiotherapy experts who are more oriented and experienced in dealing with paediatric population.

They deal with children with musculoskeletal disorder. Margdarsi has facilities for adult and women or elderly population so sensitive handling of people with different disorders, disabilities that is aimed at providing the solution for augmentation of functional skills to appropriate level. People who came with degenerative conditions in advance ages, like due to multiple sclerosis, Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis , Myasthenia gravis or Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, they need physiotherapy as part of the overall or comprehensive intervention.

Women because of their long hours at house work , they develop certain kind of musculoskeletal disorders so qualified physiotherapist with specialisation, training, and experience’s they handle different kind of disorders that would respond to physiotherapy and may be a in itself or combination with others interventions.


Biomedical Intervention

Many people who come with disorders they have apparent issues or symptoms that needs to be handled by the professionals or experts care. These therapeutic interventions for symptomatic relief or elevations of different problems are essential but many times without attending to the underlying systemic issues, the symptomatic relief is superficial or temporary and they come back with the issues that are not solved.

Hence, Margdarsi provides Biomedical Interventions to attend to the underlying systemic problems. One of the interventions aims at is changing the diet, working on all the food intolerances or allergies or issues that can be resolved through nutraceuticals that is essential nutrition given as a therapeutic intervention. That apart there may be body toxins, which needs to be detoxified which is one of the important components of Biomedical Intervention that helps the inner issues to be resolved and it facilitates the main stream therapies.

The patient gets more benefit when Biomedical Intervention becomes a part of bouquet of therapies not delivered in it shelf. Hence, Margdarsi tries to provide the comprehensive care of rehabilitation.


Assistive Aids and Appliance

Hearing Aids & related accessories

10% of general population suffer the invisible disorder or disability of hearing loss or impairment that makes oral communication difficult. When you can’t hear properly your problem is not visible to others so people don’t respond with alarm or come for intervention with the urgency. Hence, many people who are born with hearing loss or suffer hearing loss due to the various issues or reasons, they remain unattained for their problem until it become manifested in their communication being affected or they getting isolated in social space or face challenges in their workplace or occupation.

So, Margdarsi goes out of its way to identify people with hearing loss they are evaluated by the professional audiologists for their hearing impairment. Their loss is quantified the compensation of hearing loss through digital hearing loss technology is done. So, people whose hearing loss is compensated through different hearing aids, assistive listening devices or other accessories that are required to supplement the hearing aids, all that is made available under one roof at Margdarsi.

The people who respond well to hearing aids because of their partial loss of hearing are provided with hearing aids and accessories. Those who have nearly dead ear without any residual hearing ability or who have very severe or profound hearing loss, they may not benefit only from hearing aids, so they are usually recommended for a implantable hearing device that can be a cochlear implant or a brain stem implant or similar devices. The Audiological rehabilitation following hearing aid fitting is provided so also after implantation of hearing devices, the rehabilitation is provided under Margdarsi.

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Orthosis and Prosthesis

Those who have issues with the locomotor abilities whether their leg or their hand or trunk that is affected by any kind of congenital malformation or any musculoskeletal disorders or the muscle strength and such issues only therapy may not be adequate. If it is understood that the person would benefit from some aids or appliances, Margdarsi makes it possible for their appliances like Orthosis or Prosthesis to augment the functional skills of all the extremities or in general augmenting the skills to near normal level.

This is done by Rehabilitation engineers or people who are qualified and trained in creating and fabricating Orthosis or Prosthesis that are customized to cater to the specific needs of a particular person.

These are not lifetime gadgets as the body changes or with the aging of a child frequently it is evaluated whether the customized aids and appliances are suitable or they need to be modified or replaced. So we provide continuous monitoring, professional care and the aids and appliances to make the person function as normal as possible.