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Trauma Care Clinic

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Trauma /injury are a common phenomenon in human beings. Every individual is susceptible to trauma at some point in time in their lives. Athletes on sports are more prone for injury.

Common Causes

There are different types of arthritis with different causes like wear and tear, inflammation, metabolic, abnormal loading autoimmune disorders, infectious, genetic factors or some may be idiopathic. Common Symptoms include:


  • Road Traffic Accidents

  • Fall

  • Direct Violence

  • Other forms of injuries.

Objectives and Goal:

Our team of professionals cater to the rehabilitation of post traumatic impairments with the sole aim of alleviating the problems and make the individual go back to their normal life in society.

Intervention at Margdarsi

  • Multimodal approach

  • Exercise and relaxation technique

  • Mobilisation

  • Restoration of muscle strength and endurance

  • Specific sports injury protocal

  • Improving quality of life

  • Ergonomic correction

  • Psychological counselling

  • Yoga therapy

  • Diet and nutrition consultation for disease specific

  • Herbal Supplements


Patients Treated


Success Ratio




Expert Therapists



Our Approach to Arthritis
  • Detail assessment and diagnosis by experienced and specialised professionals.

  • Provides Patient centric approach

  • Sessions are individualised or grouped

  • Follow evidence based practice and research updates.

  • Provided multimodal therapy within a single roof with affordable price.

About Trauma

What is Trauma Care?

Trauma can be severe like Head injuries, Spinal cord injuries, Fractures or even loss of limbs
and loss of life. This trauma if not managed properly May affects the physical, intellectual, economical and social lives of the individual and his/her family permanently. Hence disability is a social
problem rather than individual.

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