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World Voice Day 2022 - Margdarsi Foundation Uplifting the Voice of Unheard

Fortunate are those who can express their feelings and emotions through words. Many people are not able to pass their messages verbally because of voice problems. In America alone, 3 million people are suffering with some kind of voice disorder. This is a shocking data for the rest of the world.

So, to support such people, the idea of celebrating World Voice Day began in 1999. The first country to witness this grand celebration was Brazil, as it was the Brazilian National Voice Day.

The initiative was an inspirational effort by physicians, speech-language pathologists, and singing teachers working for the Brazilian Society of Laryngology and Voice. After that, other countries come together to celebrate this day, such as Argentina and Portugal. Gradually, this idea spread to different parts of the world.

Every year, it is celebrated worldwide on April 16th with the aim of making people aware of the importance of their voice, problems, and solutions. This year, the theme of World Voice Day 2022 is "Lift Your Voice" to encourage people to take care of their vocal health.

Types of Voice Disorders

Wondering what voice disorder can affect a person? There are plenty of them, which can be temporary or even lifelong in some cases. Identifying the signs at the early stage of the disorder will prevent it from getting worse.


It’s one of the most common voice disorders that can happen to children as well as adults. The person dealing with this problem can’t speak in a single flow.

They may involuntarily repeat a word with some particular vowels or sounds. Blocks and prolongation are also observed in the sufferers.

Stuttering or stammering can be of two types:

  • Developmental Stuttering

  • Neurogenic Stuttering


Apraxia is a condition when the motor skills of a child or a person are not functioning well due to brain damage. Someone facing this voice disorder loses the ability to create a proper sounding speech.


Dysarthria is the weakening of the face, lips, tongue, and throat muscles. This creates difficulty in speaking that may lead to symptoms like mumbling, softness in speech, tongue movement, etc.

Margdarsi Foundation—Uplifting the Disabled's Voice

The Margdarsi Foundation aims to support differently able people suffering from voice disorders of any kind. We want to inspire them by bringing them out of the dark and into the light. The primary purpose is to make a difference in their lives by helping them with voice impairment solutions.

Because we believe that people should be treated equally, no matter what they have or who they are, our faculty guides you to follow the best vocal health practices.

So, let this World Voice Day 2022 become a successful global campaign and join us on this journey of building a better society.

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