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#SatyaSpeaks - The Brainchild Behind Margdarsi Foundation

Updated: May 17, 2022

It’s a proud feeling when you take the responsibility of changing those lives that are ignored in our society.

Leaving everything behind and guiding people to the right path is what brings a sense of satisfaction.

Despite all the challenges, some people cross oceans to help others. And in return, the happiness and lessons we earn make our lives meaningful.

Prof. Satya Mahapatra

#SatyaSpeaks is another initiative launched by the honourable professor and director of the Margdarsi Foundation. He had always dream of doing something for the disabled sections of society.

He had everything that a normal person wants in their life – financial stability, a settled job, a family, and so on. But, this wasn’t sufficient for him. In fact, he left everything to start working for the life of the disabled. This is how his journey at the Margdarsi Foundation began.

Background of Satya Mahapatra

Prof. Satya Mahapatra hails from a humble background. He completed his schooling at the Municipal High School, Berhampur, and then moved to the Khalikote College, Berhampur. After that, he went to the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing for graduation.

Satya Mahapatra Facebbok Profile

In addition, he has done post graduation from the University of Mysore. He has also worked as a lecturer at the Gandhi Medical College and Hamidiya Hospital.

These are just few of his achievements but the main goal of imparting the benefits of rehabilitation to the disabled society came true with Margdarsi. It has been a metamorphic decision for him to work for the welfare of disabled.

#SatyaSpeaks – Live Sessions on Rehabilitation Therapies

There is a lack of awareness among the current population, and many still don’t get the right concept of mental disability. They are confused between anxiety, depression, and so on. So, to educate people about disability of different kinds and spreading awareness, the idea of #SatyaSpeaks exists.

#Satyaspeaks: Mental Health

Prof. Satya Mahapatra holds major expertise in audiology and speech-language pathology. He loves to work for disabled people and see them do well in life. Harnessing the power of the internet and social media platforms, he is trying his level best to address the problem of disability through his non-profit organization and informative videos.

He founded #SatyaSpeaks out of a desire to share his knowledge and experiences with others. This initiative commenced in September, 2021 and is still continuing with the zeal and enthusiasm of Prof. Satya Mahapatra. His first ever live session was on "Autism: Treatment Vs Management".

Video Link:

Every Saturday evening, he comes online on his personal profile to interact with the audience and share his insights on different rehabilitation topics.

He provides his live sessions on numerous problems like autism, visual impairment, physical disabilities, hearing disabilities, learning disabilities, etc. through online sessions, which are benefiting several children and parents all over India.

How is the Margdarsi Foundation changing lives?

The Margdarsi foundation has always been at the forefront when it comes to providing relief from various mental and physical disabilities. More than 20 therapies are being offered at its premise, with more than 90% of them being successful.

Prof. Satya has seen many people in his life suffering with severe disabilities who were misunderstood by their parents, friends, and relatives.

He also observed that the conventional healthcare system can’t tackle the challenges of the disabled properly. And so, he cultivated a harmonical culture of rehabilitation science at the heart of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Under Margdarsi, there are four other institutions – Aditi Integrated School, Model Centre for Children with Special Needs, School for Autism, and IHS (Institute of Health Sciences).

  • Aditi Integrated School's social adoption program basically emphasizes the education of a girl child.

  • The school for autism takes care of the autistic children through therapies and skill development.

  • The model centre (setup by IHS) is empowering the disabled children who need professional management.

Don't Miss Prof. Satya Mahapatra Exclusive Live Sessions Again!

If you are struggling with some disability or having a keen interest in rehabilitation medical science, learn valuable lessons from #SatyaSpeaks Live Sessions on Facebook, every Saturday at 7PM. Register now:

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