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Hearing Loss

in Children

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Hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to develop speech, language, cognition and social skills. The earlier a child with hearing loss is identified and starts getting intervention/services, the more likely they are to reach their full potential. 

How to identify if a child person has a hearing loss?
  • Does not startle at loud noises.

  • Does not turn to the source of a sound after 6 months of age.

  • Does not say single words, such as “dada” or “mama” by 1 year of age.

  • Turns head when he or she sees you but not if you only call out his or her name.


This sometimes is mistaken for not paying attention or just ignoring, but could be the result of a partial or complete hearing loss.


  • Seems to hear some sounds but not others.

  • Speech is delayed.

  • Speech is not clear.

  • Does not follow directions. 

  • Turns the TV volume up too high.

  • Often asks for repetitions.

The signs and symptoms of hearing loss are different for each child. If you think that your child might have hearing loss, then do hearing screening as soon as possible.

Why Margdarsi is the best place for Hearing Loss in Children?

  • For our unique multidisciplinary approach which supports a child’s complete development.

  • Childhood is the most enjoyable part of a person’s life, at margdarsi we promise to keep it that way.

  • Recognised as Govt. Referral hospital (By Govt. of Odisha) for hearing problems.

Other Benefits:

Multi-modal Therapeutics

Parent's training for home based management of Autism

Social Integration at Aditi Integrated School

Empowering the professionals and capacity building of the service organizations

Liaison with Government for policy, planning and facility development

Volunteering Options


Patients Treated


Success Ratio




Expert Therapists

Margdarsi's Approach

What is our Approach to Hearing Loss in Children?
  • Under one roof we provide interdisciplinary management. We identify children with hearing loss at an early stage and start intervention as early as possible, as early identification is not fruitful without early intervention. 

  • We have experienced team members and have good interdepartmental synergy, no child is ignored. 

  • Frequently we conduct infant hearing screening camps to identify hearing loss at an early stage.

  • We work on a child’s language skill, Social skills, Cognition as it is hampered in children with hearing loss. We provide a comprehensive treatment approach which doesn’t just end at the prescription of an amplification device but targets to eliminate all the factors hindering the complete and overall development of a child.

About Hearing Loss in Children

About the Problem?

Four in every 1000 children suffer from severe to profound hearing loss and 100,000 babies are born with hearing deficiencies every year. Hence identification and intervention are of utmost importance. 


Hearing loss is a silent disability and mostly goes unnoticed in a child, sometimes though we may have certain signs which may indicate a hindrance in the ability to hear.


1. Ear infections/ ear discharge/ earache

2. Syndromic conditions also many times bring hearing difficulties along with them (Treacher Collins syndrome, Waardenburg syndrome, Down’s syndrome, etc.)

3. Conditions which may cause hearing loss like: 

  • Cleft palate

  • Neonatal jaundice

  • Rubella 

  • Meningitis

  • Recurring Cold

  • Low birth weight 

  • Premature birth

  • Family history


If you think that a child might have hearing loss then consult an Audiologist as soon as possible.

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