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Cardiopulmonary Clinics

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A Rage of disorders related to the heart and lungs is called cardiopulmonary disorder (CPD). Fainting, sweating, palpitations, breathing difficulties, angina, are a few symptoms that a person has cardiopulmonary disease.

Consult with the Expert

Prof. Satyanarayan Mahapatra

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How to identify Cardiopulmonary Disease?
  • UN modifiable- Ageing, sex (males more than female), hereditary history of CPD. 

  • Habits- Alcohol Addiction, Tobacco Consumption, Chain Smokers, Sedentary Lifestyle, Unhealthy Food Habits and Diet. 

  • Environmental Status- Living In Pollution Prone Zone, Exposed To Smoke For A Long period, Allergic To Pollen Grains, Mites And specks of dust. 

  • Occupational hazards- working in mines, coal industries

Why Margdarsi is the best place for CPD?

Professionals will help you with:


  • Breathing techniques and Thoracic expansion techniques

  • Postural correction and Independent lifestyle

  • Physical fitness and Relaxation techniques

  • Reduce pain, swelling and oedema.

  • Improve the quality of life and Overcome depression & anxiety

  • Customised exercise plan with Gait and stair training

  • Diet and nutrition

  • Group therapy

Other Benefits:

Multi-modal Therapeutics

Parent's training for home based management of Autism

Social Integration at Aditi Integrated School

Empowering the professionals and capacity building of the service organizations

Liaison with Government for policy, planning and facility development

Volunteering Options


Children Treated


Success Ratio




Expert Therapists

Margdarsi's Approach

What is our Approach to CPD?
  1. We begin with a complete assessment of patient’s disorder, dependency and lifestyle pattern by a qualified and experienced professional.

  2. We believe in evidence-based practise and focus on the patient’s need and requirements.

  3. We prefer a multi-modal approach under one roof.

  4. We have best in class equipment.

  5. Our gym environment clinic helps patients in achieving a healthy body.

  6. Special care is provided to the old age group

About Cardiopulmonary


What is Cardiopulmonary Disorder?

Margdarsi’s cardio-pulmonary clinic also caters to prepare patients who want to undergo surgery in near future by improving their muscle’s power and strength.


Post-surgery it emphasises on general fitness and provides session to retain the quality of life. 


Our priority for these patients is to treat them today for a better functional life tomorrow and also to prepare them in returning to their respective field /occupation.


Patients who have conditions like High Blood pressure, high cholesterol level, diabetes, vascular disorders, breathing difficulty, pedal oedema, heart diseases, lungs diseases, functional limitation visit for their complete functional evaluation and rehabilitation.

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