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Central Auditory processing disorder is a condition which affects a person’s ability to understand the speech

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Prof. Satyanarayan Mahapatra

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How to identify CAPD?

Clinically there are a lot of tests and checklists for identifying a person with CAPD general signs and symptoms may however include:

  • The child may easily get distracted or bothered by loud or sudden noises

  • Noisy environments are upsetting to a child

  • Difficulty in understanding speech

  • Ability to understand speech improves in quieter settings

  • Poor academic performance

  • A lot of spelling errors

  • Difficulties in following commands.

Why Margdarsi is the best place for CAPD Care?

  • We have many experienced professionals working in a team for the process of rehabilitation.

  • We believe a parent is equally as important as the clinician in rehabilitation and we work with them hand in hand.

  • Recognised as Govt. Referral hospital (By Govt. of Odisha) for hearing problems.

Other Benefits:

Multi-modal Therapeutics

Parent's training for home based management of Autism

Social Integration at Aditi Integrated School

Empowering the professionals and capacity building of the service organizations

Liaison with Government for policy, planning and facility development

Volunteering Options


Children Treated


Success Ratio




Expert Therapists

Margdarsi's Approach

What is our Approach to CAPD?

CAPD has a lot of signs and symptoms which resemble other conditions. Hence margadrsi’s approach is of a comprehensive assessment differentiating CAPD from other similar conditions, after the initial assessment the rehabilitation process begins.

As the rehabilitation of every client with CAPD takes a different path we implement a tailored rehabilitative program for every child.

The rehabilitative approach may involve:

  • A Hearing aid

  • An FM hearing aid

  • Communicative strategies

  • Speechreading 

  • Environmental modification

  • Assistive listening devices 


We follow the total rehabilitation of an individual and hence improves the quality of life of an individual. We do not believe in just prescribing an amplification device and then forgetting about it, instead, we have regular follow-ups with the patient and help them to adjust to this new and improved listening skills.

About CAPD

What is CAPD?

Central Auditory processing disorder is a condition which affects a person’s ability to understand the speech. This is because the brain doesn’t fully coordinate with the ears. There is an interference in the way the brain recognizes and interprets speech. The problem aggravates in the presence of even environmental noise.

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